What is TPU? Features and applications in conveyors, wheels

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The importance of plastic in everyday life cannot be denied. TPU plastic is one of the most commonly used plastics. However, not everyone understands clearly about TPU products such as its characteristics and properties. Let’s find the answer to what is TPU through the article below!

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What material is TPU? – What is TPU?

What is TPU plastic is a question many people ask. TPU is an abbreviation for the phrase Thermoplastic Polyurethanes. This is an invention of BF Goodrich born in 1959. TPU is a flexible plastic with good elasticity and outstanding abrasion resistance. And yet, this material is also durable and can be used for a long time.

What is TPU?
What is TPU?

Currently, at Sukavina.com.vn Co., Ltd., we are providing conveyor belts, wheels, trolleys, … which are made of PVC, TPU and some other materials. Readers and customers who have needs can contact us through the information at the end of this article.

What are the characteristics of TPU material?

Each type of plastic will have different characteristics and properties. Based on that, people will apply them appropriately for each profession and field. So, what is the TPU material, what are the characteristics?
The salient features of the properties of TPU include:
Good elasticity
This material has good elasticity, high elasticity. Therefore, they can withstand very large force impacts. Products made from this plastic can be bent or folded easily thanks to its flexibility.
Resistant to oils and liquids
A feature of TPU products is that it is very effective against grease and stains from other materials. Therefore, products made from TPU are easy to clean and sanitize.
TPU material is popular and widely used in part because of its abrasion resistance. This feature makes the surface of the product difficult to be scratched, the most integrity.
Good heat resistance
Another great feature of TPU is its good heat resistance. This material does not melt or warp when exposed to high heat sources. And yet, TPU plastic is also resistant to temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius.
What is TPU? TPU plastic has good heat resistance
What is TPU? TPU plastic has good heat resistance
You may not know, TPU is the most durable plastic of all materials. It is very difficult to break products made from this type of plastic. It takes a very strong force to break TPU plastic.
High anti-oxidation
TPU material is less prone to yellowing thanks to its very high oxidation resistance. After a period of use, the product is not tarnished causing loss of aesthetics.
So through the above article, surely readers and customers have understood what TPU material is. Next will be the advantages and disadvantages of TPU as well as their applications.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of TPU material?

So what is TPU advantages and disadvantages?

To better understand what is TPU, and why it is so widely applied, let’s analyze its advantages and disadvantages.
Advantages of TPU
  • Good scratch resistance, grease resistance, radiation resistance
  • Outstanding wear resistance, high elasticity
  • High resistance to decomposition, good heat resistance
  • Easy to color with different products during production
  • Comfortable sterilization without worrying about the product being deformed or not
  • High durability, long time use
Disadvantages of TPU
  • High production conditions and costs
  • Care should be taken to control the amount of water carefully before putting it into treatment
  • May be discolored after a period of use

Is TPU plastic safe for health?

This is a question asked by many people. Because this type of plastic is widely used and popular, products made from TPU are present in almost every household. Therefore, health and safety issues are always concerned.
The answer here is that TPU is safe and not harmful to users’ health. The composition of TPU does not contain skin irritants such as Protein Latex, Thiuram, Mercaptobenzothiazole and Carbamate. Most importantly, before being put into production, TPU materials have been strictly processed and censored. You can rest assured when using products made from TPU.

What is the application of TPU plastic?

As mentioned, TPU material is widely applied to life thanks to its outstanding features. Specifically, this type of plastic is used to manufacture many different items.

What is TPU? Popular application of TPU in life
What is TPU? Popular application of TPU in life
Phone cases: A familiar accessory for everyone. TPU plastic is used to make phone cases thanks to its flexible, impact-resistant characteristics.
Sportswear: TPU plastic is used to make the soles of sports shoes, helping users to walk on the grass comfortably, avoiding twisting their feet during exercise.
Bicycle handlebars: Many bicycle and motorcycle brands use TPU to surround the handlebars, helping users to easily handle the wheel, avoiding sweat causing slippery.
Noise-cancelling earmuffs: This is also a product made from TPU material that makes it comfortable and painless to use thanks to the flexible feature of this plastic.
Other fields: In addition to the products mentioned above, TPU is also applied in many other manufacturing fields such as cable covers, waterproof membranes, power tools, car dashboards…
Above is information to help you better understand what is TPU material, as well as its characteristics and applications. Sukavina – a unit specializing in manufacturing, processing and consulting solutions for leading businesses and companies in the South is also using this plastic in some products.

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