What is PVC? Characteristics, applications in PVC conveyor belts, plastic pipes, joints

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Surely in life, there will be at least once when you see the PVC symbol on objects or equipment. So, do you wonder what is PVC, with its properties, characteristics or applications? Let’s find out with Sukavina now!

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What is PVC?

PVC is an acronym for Polyvinylchloride – a thermoplastic made from the polymerization of vinylchloride (CH2=CHCl).
Polyvinyl Chloride is a man-made material, synthesized the earliest in the history of plastic industry and opened a new step for the manufacturing industry. This plastic is durable and affordable. When it was first discovered, PVC had the disadvantage of being petty, unstable, and difficult to process. It was not until 1926, when there was a plasticizing method, that PVC plastic was replicated and widely applied.
What is PVC?
What is PVC?
The finished products of PVC are quite diverse, some common models include:
  • Flexible PVC (PVC – P): Flexible and transparent properties, with the addition of compatible plasticizers to increase adhesion.
  • Rigid PVC (PVC -U): Characteristic is hard, impact resistance, water resistance, high corrosion resistance
  • Molecular Orientation of PVC (PVC – O): Rigidity, good bearing capacity thanks to the tight layered association.
  • Modified PVC (PVC – M): Long life, good weather resistance.

At Sukavina.com.vn, we have applied PVC plastic to manufacture products for production and operation such as PVC Conveyor, Plastic Coated Steel Pipe, Plastic Coupling, Plastic Shelves. Customers and readers who have needs can contact us immediately. More details at the end of the article.

What is the structure of PVC plastic?

To understand more about what pvc material is, let’s learn about its structure.
Initially, PVC had Henri Regnault as the main component. After a long time of research, there have been new discoveries about this material. Because PVC is initially very hard, it is difficult to put into production, so gradually, it is added softening agent to increase flexibility.

Advantages and disadvantages of PVC material – PVC plastic

Like other materials in production, PVC plastic also has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of PVC

  • High durability, Water resistant, no rust when exposed to the outside environment. Very good resistance, anti-chat when at too high temperature, does not cause fire
  • Good insulation thanks to early resistivity, so it is often used to make communication cables, insulating tapes
  • Good hardness, bearing and abrasion
  • Light weight, flexible, easy to manipulate
  • PVC is also resistant to inorganic substances, suitable for the production of pipes, discharge pipes, medical instruments
PVC material outstanding advantages
PVC material outstanding advantages

Disadvantages of PVC

  • PVC has low strength in low temperature environment
  • When in an environment with a high temperature above 120 degrees Celsius, PVC is easy to catch fire and has an unpleasant odor
  • Weak wear resistance

At this point, customers and readers also partly understand what PVC is, in general, PVC plastic. Next, sukavina.com.vn will go into detail on the characteristics of PVC material as well as its application in production, PVC conveyor belts, plastic pipes, joints.

Physical and chemical properties of PVC

What is PVC Physical and chemical properties?

You will understand more about what is pvc if you understand the physical and chemical properties of this material.

Physical properties of PVC

  • PVC exists in the form of a light yellow or white powder or suspension with large particle size and high fineness emulsion.
  • PVC is not toxic but very safe for human health.
  • In production, PVC is added with substances such as MBS or ABS… to improve impact resistance

Chemical properties of PVC

The pvc material has the following chemical properties:
  • The molecular formula is (C2H3Cl)n
  • PVC plastic is quite chemically inert
  • A typical reaction is the dehydrochlorination reaction

Is PVC plastic safe or not?

PVC plastic with unique characteristics is being widely used in many areas of daily life. In general, PVC is quite safe, non-toxic if used correctly.

Application of PVC nhựa

After learning what is pvc as well as its properties and characteristics, you also need to know more about the applications of this plastic in the fields of life.

What is PVC? PVC plastic is widely used in the manufacturing field
What is PVC? PVC plastic is widely used in the manufacturing field
The preeminent applications of PVC – PVC plastic materials include:
PVC plastic in label printing: PVC plastic is used to print labels and decals with waterproof, toughness, and long life. In particular, PVC labels are also highly aesthetic, so they are very popular.
Production of water pipes: A fairly common application of PVC is the production of water pipes thanks to its hard, solid, and good bearing properties. In addition, PVC plastic also has high chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is suitable for creating many different types of water pipes.
Production of all kinds of construction tiles: Based on its good anti-moisture and abrasion properties, PVC is used to produce all kinds of cladding in construction such as windows, roofs, fences, floor tiles, wall tiles.
Production of cables: Because it can withstand harsh weather conditions, is not corroded, is tough and has good bearing capacity, PVC is also used to manufacture electrical wiring and cables.
Plastic film, cover sheet: When the appropriate plasticizers are added, PVC will acquire the desired plasticity. Therefore, PVC is used to make thin films such as tarpaulins, raincoats, water bottle labels, product packaging.
Above is information to help you understand what is PVC. Hopefully, through this article, you have understood the properties, characteristics and applications of this widely used and popular plastic.
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