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Workshop workbench (manipulator table – factory working table) is an indispensable industrial product to help shorten production time for workers, increase the meticulousness and accuracy of products, thereby improving labor efficiency. We invite you to learn about’s workshop tables, their specifications and applications!

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1/ What is a factory working table (manipulator table)?

What is a factory working table (manipulator table)
What is a factory working table (manipulator table)
Workshop operation table is a necessary item for workers to perform production and product assembly operations. It has the main structure including table top, table legs, joints, can design more lighting systems, adjustable feet, wheels … to facilitate the operation of workers.
There are many types of working tables used in industry such as: assembly work tables, antistatic work tables, stainless steel work tables, powder coated steel work tables… each type has its own advantages and is used. used in different industries.
Factory working tables that meet quality standards must ensure durable and easy-to-clean factors. The most important is convenience, so that workers can produce a lot of goods in the shortest time.


2/ Specifications (Manipulator table – Factory working tables)

Factory working tables have diverse designs from simple to complex. When looking to buy this product, you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Structure of the workbench: Based on your actual needs, you choose a worktable with a suitable structure such as wheels to move, a table with folding functions, height adjustment, multiple frequencies or learning to tools… Choosing the right structure will help workers operate more conveniently and quickly.
  • Functions of workbenches: Different industries also need workbenches to perform specific functions. For example, in the electrical and electronic industry, the anti-static working table is the first choice, in the food, garment, and chemical industries, the stainless steel working table is the most popular…
  • Dimensions of workshop working table: Working table has dimensions including length x width x height, you need to measure the factory location, product size to design the table accordingly.
  • Table load: Production of light or heavy products requires working tables with suitable loads to ensure the life of the table and work safety.
  • Working table materials: Stainless steel, powder coated steel, plastic coated steel or aluminum profiles all have their own advantages and disadvantages, they affect the production process and the investment costs of the business.

Each factory has different characteristics, so to choose the right working table, quality and cost saving, please contact Sukavina, we will support you from the survey and consultation stage. to the warranty and maintenance policy, ensuring the most economical and effective for businesses.

Customers and readers can refer to products, factory working table samples by following the link: Manipulator Table – Factory working table

3/ Application of factory working table in industry

Application of factory working table in industry
Application of factory working table in industry

You can see that most of the factories today are using the workbench in production to increase labor efficiency:

  • In the electronics industry, manufacturing components, anti-static work tables are used to help workers easily assemble small details meticulously and accurately, avoiding the loss of small details.
  • In the manufacturing and food packaging industry, the workbench is used to speed up the production of workers, and the product is also easier to control for quality and grading.
  • In the garment industry, the workbench is fully equipped with tools to help manipulate workers quickly, limit product errors, and increase labor productivity.
Using the workbench also contributes to increasing the aesthetics, cleanliness, and creating a professional face for the factory.

4/ – A reputable operating table supplier – A reputable operating table supplier – A reputable operating table supplier

Referring to reputable and quality industrial product suppliers, it is impossible not to mention Sukavina. This is a unit specializing in providing workshop operation tables, trolleys, shelves, PVC conveyors and specialized equipment in production plants. Sukavina consults solutions to help improve and automate your production lines, thereby increasing labor productivity and reducing costs for businesses. With practical results, we have become a reliable partner for factories and key industrial zones in the South.

For advice on Sukavina factory operation table, please contact with our information below:

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