Things to know when buying conveyor belts, experience in choosing conveyors from A→Z

Những điều cần biết khi mua băng tải - things to know when buying conveyor belts

Transportation is one of the important stages, how to ensure the fast and efficient transfer of goods and materials, saving energy but not being torn or broken is always a problem that businesses must consider. To solve this problem, conveyor belts were born and played a significant role in production, improving labor efficiency. But whether the use of conveyor belts is effective, safe and durable depends on the experience of choosing to buy conveyors. Today, Sukavina will reveal to you what you need to know when buying conveyors! (Things to know when buying conveyor belts).

1/ Parameters of conveyor

Parameters of conveyor - things to know when buying conveyor belts
Parameters of conveyor – things to know when buying conveyor belts

1.1 Specifications of Conveyor

The specifications of the conveyor have the following standards:

  • Conveyor frame material: made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel…
  • Conveyor shape: in addition to the normal straight conveyor, it can be made in other shapes such as inclined,   , … suitable for installation in the space of factories and enterprises.
  • Conveyor size: the size of each conveyor is different depending on the specific area, the features of each conveyor and the volume of goods to be transported. Conveyor belt dimensions include dimensions in length, width and height.
  • Types of Belts: Conveyors have different types of belts and have distinct characteristics. The belts directly affect the goods to be transported as different types of goods will need corresponding belts to match the characteristics of that cargo.

Some popular belt types today

  • PVC strapping is the type of belt used for most goods. PVC straps are available in white, green, blue colors and are 2-3mm thick.
  • PU straps are belts used for foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. PU straps are glossy (or matte) and are 1-1.5mm thick.
  • Mesh belts are belts made from mesh panels that allow air to flow through. Mesh straps are used to transport goods with high temperatures up to 250 degrees Celsius.
  • Main conveyor frame: With conveyors made from aluminum, there are two main conveyor frames, CV40 and CV80. Here are some differences for the two conveyor frames:


  • The aluminum used in the CV80 conveyor is larger in size than the aluminum used in the CV40 conveyor.
  • The motor used in the CV 40 is a single-phase motor and for the CV80 a three-phase motor.
  • If the conveyor length exceeds 6m or the conveyor width exceeds 0.6m, use the CV80 conveyor, the rest use the CV40 conveyor.
  • The CV80 conveyor uses a higher speed controller than the CV40 conveyor speed controller.

Conveyor foot: Conveyor foot has many types, they have different characteristics and loading capacity. Here are some available conveyors:

  • Fixed legs are used when the conveyor belt cannot move. Fixed legs reduce the possibility of vibration and shock when transporting goods, moving the conveyor is more difficult than other types of conveyor legs.
  • Static legs are used when the conveyor needs to move in the future. Static feet with rubber tires under the conveyor reduce the possibility of vibrations from inside or outside the conveyor, the rubber layer creates friction with the floor to limit the movement of the conveyor.
  • Dynamic legs are used when the conveyor needs high mobility. Dynamic legs often have wheels attached to the bottom, helping to increase the ability to move the conveyor over long distances. Wheels of movable legs are not capable of damping vibrations and shocks like stationary and stationary legs.

1.2 Conveyor structure – things to know when buying conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are designed according to the principle of navigating goods in a certain direction, driving moving objects to rotate in circles. The conveyor belt has the following structure:

  • Conveyor frame made from aluminum, steel, stainless steel…
  • Conveyor belt made of PVC (thickness 2-3mm) or PU (thickness 1.5mm)
  • Conveyor motor uses geared motor with different capacity such as 0.4W, 1.5W, 2.2W…
  • The conveyor controller has a variable sensor, timer, PLC…
  • Conveyor movement mechanism includes rollers, pull rollers…
  • The system of operating tables on conveyors is usually made from steel, stainless steel, and the working surface is glued with anti-static rubber mats.
  • The system of electric lines and compressed air lines to get electricity for the machines on the conveyor to operate.
  • Lighting system on the conveyor belt.

1.3 Other notes – things to know when buying conveyor belts

Purpose of use

Conveyor belt is an extremely important mechanical device in the transportation of different types of goods and materials with heavy and bulky volumes, becoming simpler; more flexible and easy operation; effective operation in harsh environments; operate for a long time without stopping, controlling the speed and direction of goods and materials.

It also helps to shorten the time to handle goods compared to transporting goods by human power, thereby avoiding health-related injuries such as knees, shoulders, backs… significantly. Various industries in the industry have adopted conveyor belts as part of an almost complete production process, from small and medium scale to large and large scale.

Installation space

For factories and enterprises with limited space, the installation of compact conveyors makes it convenient and easy to disassemble when used; or can install vertical conveyor with small size, no gearbox, saving space and area, easy to use.

Select the type of conveyor

Depending on the needs of use, the characteristics of the goods and the workshop space, you can choose the right type of conveyor:

Difficulty installing conveyors

If factories and enterprises need to install conveyor belts for production, they may have problems such as: which conveyor design to use to match the goods being transported or produced; how to install the conveyor for best efficiency; how to size conveyor to save space; conveyor belt safety for users…

2/ Price of Conveyor

Conveyor price - things to know when buying conveyor belts
Conveyor price – things to know when buying conveyor belts

Conveyor products of Sukavina Company are rigorously tested for quality, ensuring the highest level of performance and increasing production efficiency. Below is a reference price list of some common types of conveyors:

Conveyor name Price
Green PVC Conveyor 13.500.000 VND
Conveyor Belt 03 14.500.000 VND
Conveyor Belt PVC-04 21.000.000 VND
Conveyor Belt PVC-05 15.000.000 VND

However, the price of conveyor belts will depend on the characteristics of each factory. For a detailed quote, you can contact the hotline 0979 034 634 (Mr Toan) or 0931 155 155 (Mr Nang).

3/ Maintenance mode, maintenance after purchase – things to know when buying conveyor belts

Maintenance mode, maintenance after purchase
Maintenance mode, maintenance after purchase

The service life of conveyor belts is determined by 3 factors: (1) conveyor quality, (2) usage, and (3) warranty and maintenance. Particularly for factors (1) and (3), Sukavina will completely make you feel secure when buying our conveyors!

Talking about usage, the conveyor belt after a period of operation will show signs of deterioration by the following factors:

  • How to operate
  • Used Time
  • Weather conditions
  • Type of goods, materials
  • Volume of goods and materials
  • How to maintain and maintain

Any industrial equipment needs to be maintained and maintained throughout its use to ensure stable operation and capacity.

Sukavina Company has a long-term warranty program for conveyors and other industrial equipment provided by us, the company’s personnel will do their best to support, quickly handle customer problems, ensure the production progress of goods is continuous.

4/ Delivery progress

Delivery progress - things to know when buying conveyor belts
Delivery progress – things to know when buying conveyor belts

Delivery schedule is one of the important factors to shape the brand, increase the value, prestige and reliability, which is always focused and preserved by companies. Sukavina is committed to prompt and on-time delivery, support installation and maintenance, ensure production progress, and increase labor efficiency.

5/ Contracts, debts

Sukavina Company always provides contracts and debts in a public and transparent manner, ensuring compliance with current laws and company regulations, helping customers have an overview of the contract. clearly and accurately before signing contracts and debts. In addition, we also support customers with the most flexible and convenient payment policies.

So now you already know all the information – things to know when buying conveyor belts and installing conveyor belts. has many types of conveyors, you can check them out at this link: Conveyor

6/ Buy conveyor belts at

Buy conveyor belts at
Buy conveyor belts at

Sukavina Company specializes in supplying and distributing prestigious and quality conveyor belts, ensuring genuine goods, saying no to fake, imitation and poor quality goods. With a large number of employees, a skilled technical team, capable of designing and providing advanced, modern, high-efficiency production lines, meeting all the most stringent requirements from customers.

Sukavina Company has many years of experience in consulting design and production solutions for factories and enterprises, helping to reduce workers’ labor, improve working efficiency by more than 30% compared to the original estimate. top, bringing maximum profit for businesses.

Sukavina’s dedicated and attentive customer service along with reasonable prices, reputable quality products, fast delivery, transparent contracts and debts help customers large and small feel secure, satisfied and completely put their trust in us.

Above, Sukavina has fully provided you things to know when buying conveyor belts. If you need to consult, design, install conveyor belts or other industrial equipment, please contact us directly for the best service.

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