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The lifting conveyor has sturdy construction and adjustable height so that goods can be moved easily from low position to high position or vice versa. With the lowest investment costs, conveyor belts are a common and cost-effective option for businesses to transport large volumes of products and goods in factories.
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1/ Features of lifting conveyors

Features of lifting conveyors
Features of lifting conveyors

Lifting conveyors are designed to allow 2-way lifting: either transferring goods from containers, trucks to warehouses or transferring goods from warehouses, factories to trucks.

  • The lifting conveyor structure is simple but sturdy during operation and use. The lifting conveyor system can be moved from one location to another simply thanks to its sturdy, heavy-duty wheels. If you want to fix the conveyor belt firmly in a certain position, you can use a brake lock.
  • The winch or hydraulic cable can be flexibly height-adjusted to suit cars or containers so goods can be safely loaded and unloaded.
  • When lifting conveyors are used to transport products to higher locations, the belt flaps need to be rough or ribbed to enhance friction and adhesion.
  • In addition, it is also used to transport packing materials, packages or stacked finished products that are difficult for human strength to do.
  • There are many different ways to use lift conveyors, whether stand-alone or in conjunction with machinery and other conveying equipment to create a high-performance conveyance route.

Using conveyor belts brings countless benefits to businesses including optimizing human resources, automating production lines and reducing production costs. Therefore, it is widely used, most commonly to lift goods onto containers, trucks, or to move goods to high positions in factories, warehouses, etc.

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2/ Conveyor structure lifting and lowering

Conveyor structure lifting and lowering
Conveyor structure lifting and lowering

Unlike conventional conveyors, lifting conveyors are specially designed to be flexible to suit workplace conditions.

  • Conveyor frame: Usually must be raised and lowered, moved flexibly and must be able to load the weight of transported goods, so the frame of the lifting conveyor must ensure 2 factors: rigidity and light weight. Using a powder coated steel frame with reinforcement as the bearing frame is Sukavina’s ideal solution for this type of conveyor. It reduces conveyor deflection, is solid and capable of handling heavy loads.
  • Conveyor height: Can be raised or lowered depending on the needs of use. A lifting conveyor can open to a maximum wide angle of 45 degrees, but also depends a lot on its size. The most effective lifting angle is between 0 – 30°.
  • Lifting system: The lifting mechanism usually uses hydraulic cylinders, hoists or Vitme from reputable brands to ensure the best quality.
  • Conveyor cover: It varies according to the weight and type of goods transported; it is usually made of rough, ribbed straps that add friction and increase product adhesion when moving uphill.
  • Belt support roller: Made of high quality galvanized steel tube, ensure vibration and limit noise, low coefficient of friction. Sealed roller structure, waterproof. For light goods to be transported, plastic rollers can be used instead of steel rollers to minimize investment costs.
  • Electrical system: The lifting conveyor is usually driven by a three-phase motor using a control frequency converter. Furthermore, in order to prevent breakdowns, and to ensure technical standards for lifting safety, the lifting conveyors must have safety mechanisms and emergency stop buttons.

3/ Benefits of using Sukavina lifting conveyors

Benefits of using Sukavina lifting conveyors
Benefits of using Sukavina lifting conveyors
  • Sukavina’s conveyors are capable of moving goods of various sizes and weights.
  • The conveyor has a solid structure, is flexible and easy to maintain.
  • High productivity, continuous operation, outstanding durability and long service life.
  • Energy saving: Sukavina uses leading brands of electrical equipment and power tools, resulting in low power consumption.
  • Normally, Sukavina’s lifting conveyors are widely used to transport granular materials or crates, goods… used in production, packaging or logistics.

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