PVC Conveyor Belt Rating Standards

Tiêu chuẩn đánh giá băng tải PVC - PVC Conveyor Belt Rating Standards

PVC conveyor belt is an indispensable industrial product in modern factories. For information on choosing quality conveyor belts, consult SUKAVINA for PVC Conveyor Belt Rating Standards.

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1/ Evaluation criteria for PVC conveyor belt

Evaluation criteria for PVC conveyor belt (PVC Conveyor Belt Rating Standards)
Evaluation criteria for PVC conveyor belt (PVC Conveyor Belt Rating Standards)

Criteria to evaluate a good PVC conveyor system depends on the following factors:

Conveyor belt

The conveyor belt is made of high quality PVC, which is heat resistant (can withstand temperatures from -10 to 110 degrees Celsius), corrosion, chemical corrosion and waterproof. Besides, it is also necessary to ensure that the load of goods to be transported is met. Dimensions including the length, width of the conveyor belt and the thickness of the conveyor belt must also meet the standard. In addition, coolness and elasticity also greatly affect the quality of conveyor belts.

Conveyor frame

Usually use aluminum profile, stainless steel frame, powder coated steel… to ensure good load, stable and smooth operation. Conveyor frames are designed with many different forms such as curved conveyors, inclined conveyors, lifting conveyors, etc. to ensure space-saving tickets and convenience for the factory’s production activities.

Conveyor motor

Several important factors affect conveyor quality, including the motor power of the conveyor and the speed and speed control inverter. Having a large capacity conveyor will allow the conveyors to operate strongly and continuously, meeting the professional production needs of the factory.

The power of the motor therefore plays an essential role in determining the investment cost of a conveyor system, as the larger the capacity, the higher the initial investment. For this reason, businesses should consider the capacity of the plant before choosing a conveyor.

When the client already has a drawing or just sketches an idea. The standard specifications will be received and processed by Sukavina’s technical department in accordance with the production environment and goods, and factory characteristics.

2/ Importance of PVC conveyor belt in industry

Importance of PVC conveyor belt in industry
Importance of PVC conveyor belt in industry

PVC conveyor belt is an almost essential equipment for modern factories to increase productivity, save labor and save costs:

  • PVC conveyor systems are closely coordinated to create independent operating systems that increase efficiency and productivity in industrial production by creating a flexible and automated production process, help reduce labor shortages and reduce costs.
  • To ease and simplify production processes, PVC conveyor belts are applied to modern workshops. As well as improving worker productivity, conveyor systems help reduce risks in the production process by increasing safety.
  • Modern conveyors help control the production process, monitor quality and provide early warning of potential risks.Conveyor belts are applied in factories, enterprises, product processing and packaging, food processing, animal feed production, seafood processing, agricultural product processing…
  • In heavy industry, conveyor systems are applied in mining factories, warehouses, freight transshipment stations at river ports and seaports. A non-removable link in a production system.
  • At present, the conveyor belt is one of the most important parts of the assembly and production lines both at home and abroad. By reducing labor costs, it creates a scientific and dynamic production environment that is highly economical.

3/ Conveyor system application in the industry

Application of conveyor systems in the industry
Application of conveyor systems in the industry

Electronics industry: By using components transshipment, workers can transport or assemble parts to their desired location. When multiple conveyor systems are combined, it creates a very efficient assembly line in the electronic component manufacturing industry.

In the food industry: To transship food, and products in the production or circulation of food to processing workers.

Through the conveyor system, goods, raw materials, auxiliary materials and products are transported to the desired location in the industry.

Using the conveyor system in production in a reasonable and scientific way will significantly increase productivity in production, meet output and reduce production costs.

You can see more about types of conveyor belts through this article: What are the common types of conveyor belts? A reputable conveyor belt supplier in the South Vietnam

4/ Buy quality PVC conveyor belts at Sukavina

The system meets the PVC conveyor belt rating standards 
The system meets the PVC conveyor belt rating standards

Industrial conveyors play an extremely important role in the production process of a business. Sukavina is a supplier of quality industrial conveyor belts, ensuring PVC conveyor belt evaluation standards (PVC Conveyor Belt Rating Standards) and limiting technical issues that directly affect your work efficiency. Buying conveyor belts at Sukavina, you will be completely satisfied from quality to service:

  • We provide product information, detailed specifications together with accompanying technical drawings of the system and certificates of quality and origin.
  • Conveyor belts are operated and tested at the factory for the customer to check the quality of the system.
  • There is a conveyor belt warranty policy during use, technical support and flexible payment.

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