What is Jigs? Classification, application of jig, conveyor jig

jig là gì đồ gá jig băng tải jig
JIG is known as a term used a lot in mechanical engineering. The effect of JIG is to locate, fix the details, support more precise manipulation. To learn more about what JIG is and how it works, let’s find out through the article below!
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What is the JIG concept? – What is Jig?

For readers, new customers will wonder what is Jig?
JIG is also known as JIG jigs. This is an indispensable product in the mechanical engineering industry. JIG is equipped for use in the process of mechanical processing, support and inspection, assembly of parts for products. These devices are essential for fixing, locating the workpiece relative to the cutting tool to hold it tightly and ensure accuracy when machining.
What is jig is an indispensable product in the mechanical engineering industry
What is jig is an indispensable product in the mechanical engineering industry

What is the structure of the JIG fixture?

After you have grasped the concept of what a JIG fixture is, you should also learn about its structure. Only then will you be able to use the device most effectively.
Construction of JIG jigs includes:
  • Product clamping device
  • Parts locator
  • Transmission mechanism parts
  • Parts of rotating mechanism, grading of products
  • The body and base of the fixture
  • Jigs with guide mechanism
  • Jigs with clamping mechanism
  • Positioning mechanism of jigs
In addition, depending on the individual requirements of businesses and customers, JIG fixtures will have different details.

What is Jig – What is the use of JIG?

JIG have many uses to support machining processes on metal cutting machines. That is:
  • Helps to fix the details, the product does not move, ensuring the position between the workpieces.
  • Locate, check size.
  • Create movements for machining complex surfaces.
  • Improve productivity, reduce production time.
  • Reduce workers in the production process.
  • Creating products with high precision, suitable for processing large quantities.
  • Reduce investment costs.
  • Play a role in guiding drilling and cutting.
  • Improve production capacity with difficult, highly complex parts.
What is Jig? Jig uses, Jig applications, great uses of JIG prices
What is Jig? Jig uses, Jig applications, great uses of JIG prices

At this point, readers, you can already imagine what Jig is, right? So the following will continue to go into detail about the types of Jig.

What types of JIG are there?

In order to serve the different needs of customers, JIG jigs are also divided into a wide range of products. Each type will have distinct roles and characteristics. Here are the types of jigs that are used a lot in work that you can refer to.

Welding jigs

Is a type of fixture that is used to position the position of the product part relative to the welding tool. Thanks to welding jigs, it becomes easier to weld parts with complex structures and shapes. Welding jigs will help keep the product in the position to be processed, ensuring and improving accuracy.
Welding jigs have large tie rods to keep stable when under pressure and high temperature. This is a high-precision jig that helps locate workpieces and welding and cutting tools. The fixation is to prevent external forces from affecting the production or assembly process.
What is Jigs - Welding jigs.
What is Jigs – Welding jigs.

Assembly jigs

A type of JIG jig that is quite popular and used a lot in the process of assembling machine parts is the assembly jig. This product provides linkage between product clusters, helping them achieve high accuracy, ensuring technical requirements.
What is Jig jigs, assembly jigs
What is Jig jigs, assembly jigs

The application of the jigsaw is used in many different stages such as clamping the parts during assembly, making jigsaws for assembly. And yet, it also has the effect of deforming details for welding, pressing and air compression stages during production. Like welding jigs, jigsaws help products achieve high accuracy and meet technical requirements.

Test fixture

This type of JIG fixture is used when detailed product inspection is required. From the beginning to the end of production, inspection jigs will help keep products in place, preventing them from moving or vibrating when there is an external force. The technicians can measure the detailed thickness, check the product size in the most accurate and easy way. This will ensure that the manufactured product meets the technical requirements.

Test fixture.
Test fixture.

Compression jigs

Used to fix product details before welding or assembly. This type of fixture has a simple structure and is easy to disassemble. Its effect is to replace workers who hold the details firmly to complete the machining process, thereby bringing high work efficiency, saving time, costs and ensuring safety.

Milling jigs

It is a type of jigs used to fasten parts on CNC milling machines. In addition to the basic parts, the milling fixture also has a characteristic structure with a tool gauge, a tool alignment, and a directional pin.
What is Jig - Milling jigs
What is Jig – Milling jigs

Some common types of milling jigs include: Tap-end milling jigs, single-piece/multi-part milling jigs, straight infeed jigs/circular feeds/curved feeds.

Roughness measuring jigs

Used to measure the roughness of the product surface after machining. Thanks to this type of fixture, it is possible to minimize errors when inspecting the surface of the part. In addition, it also ensures the shine of the product.
Depending on the properties and uses, the roughness measuring jigs can be divided into:
  • Universal jigs: Used for many different types of parts and products such as rotary jigs, vises, milling jigs. This type is commonly used in most mechanical processing stages.
  • Specialized jigs: Designed to be used for a specific part or product. Not used for many different types of parts, but only for highly specialized industries

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