What is Aluminum? Properties and applications of aluminum, aluminum frame workbench

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Aluminum is known to be the 4th most common metal in the world. This metal is widely used in life and industrial production. So, do you know what aluminum is as well as its properties and applications? Let’s find out what is aluminum through the article below!

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Learn what is aluminum?

Aluminum is the name of a chemical element in the periodic table of elements, with the symbol AI.
So what color is aluminum? This is a silvery white metal, soft and light. Aluminum is the second softest metal after gold. When exposed to air, aluminum will quickly form a thin layer of oxidation. Compared with copper or iron, aluminum has a light density, only one-third. In addition, aluminum is also the sixth most malleable metal, easy to work with.
What is Aluminum? What color is aluminum?
What is Aluminum? What color is aluminum?
Aluminum metal also has the advantage of high corrosion resistance, durability due to the protective oxide layer. In nature, it is difficult to find pure aluminum. Usually, this metal is found when it combines with oxygen and other elements. That’s why it’s called aluminum alloy.
Aluminum was once considered a more precious metal than gold. For some industries, aluminum is a relatively new metal as it has only been produced for over 100 years.
In particular, aluminum is in the top 10 best conductive metals after silver, copper and gold. However, aluminum is rarely used as an electrical conductor because of its high cost. Instead, people use electrical conductors made of copper more because of economic suitability.

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Physical properties of aluminum

What is aluminum physical properties?

To understand more about this metal and what color aluminum is, let’s take a look at the physical properties of aluminum below.

Color and status Solid, non-magnetic, non-glossy, silvery-white with a slight blue tint.
Structure Aluminum has a cubic structure, the center of the face is stable to the melting temperature
Surface Aluminum has a highly reflective surface
Stiffness Pure aluminum is soft, when alloyed and tempered, it will be hard
Flexibility High ductility, malleable, shaped or bent
Thermal expansion The coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminum is 23.2.
Thermal conductivity Good
Corrosive Has high resistance to corrosion
Melting point, boiling point Melting point 1220 degrees F and boiling point about 4,478 degrees F


Physical properties of aluminum
Physical properties of aluminum

Through the information above, customers and readers have somewhat understood the basic structure of aluminum (what is aluminum) and what color aluminum is, how to recognize aluminum color in practice.

Chemical properties of aluminum and some common compounds

Chemical properties of aluminum

What is aluminum chemical?
Atomic mass of aluminum
Aluminum has the French name Alumium
In the periodic table, aluminum has:
  • Abbreviation: AI
  • Atomic number is 13
  • Atomic mass is 27
  • Located in 3 . cycle
  • Belonging to group IIIA
Chemical properties of aluminum
Chemical properties of aluminum

What is aluminum structure?

Chemical structure of aluminum

  • Configuration e: [Ne] 3s23p1
  • There are 3 outermost e layers
  • Electronegativity: 1.61
  • Oxidation number: +3
  • The lattice: Face-centered cube
Aluminum is a strong reducing agent, reacts with many other elements such as water, uses acids, bases, nonmetals, and aluminum endothermic.
Reacts with non-metals: Usually forms a protective oxide film, if aluminum powder is burned, it will react strongly
Reacting with acids:
Normal Acid: Easily reduces H+ ions to H2
Oxidizing acid: Inactive with H2SO4, cold concentrated HNO3, AI strongly reacts with dilute HNO3, hot, concentrated H2SO4.
React with metal oxides – Aluminum heat reaction: AI can reduce many metal ions in oxide such as Fe2O3, Cr2O3, CuO… to free metal.
Reaction with water: Aluminum objects do not react with H20 at any temperature because of the protective oxide. Aluminum when the protective layer is removed can reduce water at room temperature, but the reaction quickly stops because of the precipitation of Al(OH)3.

Some common aluminum compounds

  • Aluminum sulfate: A chemical compound of aluminum, the formula is Al2(SO4)3. Characteristic is that it can be dissolved in water, mainly used as a precipitant in drinking water filters and wastewater treatment plants.
  • Aluminum sulfide: Composed of two elements AI and sulfur, the formula is Al2S3. This compound is colorless, has an interesting structure, and exists in many different forms.
  • Aluminum Oxide: A protective layer for aluminum metal from corrosion. Formula is Al2O3, commonly used in ceramic materials, moisture resistant
  • Aluminum hydroxide: The chemical formula is Al(OH)3, found in nature as the mineral Gibbsite. This compound is used in the production of other aluminum compounds.
  • Aluminum Nitride: An inorganic chemical compound, the main components are Al and N. The chemical formula is AlN. This is a semiconductor material, which is used for intensive ultraviolet optoelectronics.
  • Aluminum chloride: A binary salt, formed by Al and with the formula AlCl3. This compound is produced and consumed in the field of AI metal production, chemical industry.

Applications of aluminum in industry

With specific properties, aluminum is widely used in life and industrial production.
Applications of aluminum in industry
Aluminum is used to manufacture cutting machines as well as operating details in industrial production. After learning what color aluminum is, you will somewhat understand its application. With its bright, non-rusting properties, aluminum is gradually becoming an important component in factories.
  • Some items manufactured from this metal are:
  • Motorcycle frame, car frame
  • Truck
  • Working table
  • Heatsink
What is aluminum - Application of aluminum in industrial production
What is aluminum – Application of aluminum in industrial production
In particular, aluminum is also used in aviation manufacturing such as making aircraft fuselages and wings thanks to its light weight and durability.
In addition to industrial applications, aluminum metal is also commonly used in daily life, in the construction industry, in the lighting industry, in medicine…
Above is all the information about what is aluminum. Hopefully, you have grasped the knowledge surrounding this popular metal such as the concept, what color aluminum is, its properties and applications. Don’t forget to visit sukavina.com.vn for more useful information!

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